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Snapsrch is a Mac app that allows you to quickly search favorite websites without leaving your app. Quickly find what you're looking for, instantly search selected text, and easily look up words with just a three finger tap. No more wasting time opening multiple browser windows or switching between apps.


For macOS 11.0 or later.

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Quick Web Search

Efficiently search your favorite websites without leaving your app. With seamless website integration, you can search multiple websites simultaneously, saving you valuable time and effort. Find the information you're looking for faster and more efficiently.

Quick Web Search

Instant Word Lookup

Easily look up a word under the cursor using online dictionaries with a three finger tap or a double middle click. Enjoy the benefits of multiple online dictionaries in one place. You can effortlessly look up words from unselectable text, such as images or scanned documents.

Instant Word Lookup

Search Selected Text

Instantly search selected text without the need for copying and pasting. Utilize OCR to search unselectable text with ease. With a hotkey, access related information without interrupting your workflow.

Search Selected Text

More Features

Search with AI

You can use some AI websites to find information. The app automatically inserts and submits your queries.

Switch User-Agent

Simulate different devices or browsers to view webpages in their desktop or mobile versions.

Hide Webpage Header

Hide the webpage header for a web search.

Auto Scroll

Automatically scroll to a specific element when the webpage is loaded.

Third-Party Integration

You can search selected text with the app using our PopClip extension. With a URL scheme, other apps can perform a search using a URL.